How we’re being proactive with First Responders

Training and education is a proactive measure and preventive approach to address the behavioral and mental wellness of First Responders’. It is an effective means to preempt being overwhelmed from job related stress.

This pillar is about tools for First Responders and their families to learn how to deal with stress and other behavioral issues resulting from their job. Mitigate the potential issues that can become a problem when not properly addressed such as:

Post-Traumatic Stress
Burn Out
Compassion Fatigue
Disaster Distress

The best environments, where behavioral care systems and methods can be learned, include; training workshops both in-person and online, seminars, and retreats created specifically for First Responders. The goal being to effectively support personnel with their personal and departmental behavioral health and wellness needs.

The emphasis of this pillar is education and training designed specifically for first responders. The goal is to provide tools to help prevent the buildup of trauma-related stress and negative health and wellness issues resulting from their job. 

We are committed to helping those who help us on a daily basis.

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