Providing programs to support recovery

When the emergencies of everyday life take a toll on First Responders, they will need comprehensive treatment, by a culturally competent team for behavioral and mental disorders. Collective and often haunting trauma requires professional treatment programs specific to First Responders.

The uniqueness of the issues of First Responders is something that a dedicated organization can comprehend and develop programs that are effective and successful for the long-term. Treatment often includes family members so there are parallel programs to support any treatment program after the fact. It’s an ongoing process to achieve wellness. Treatment programs to be effective must be:

Delivered By First-in-class Clinicians
Inclusive Of Multiple Modalities

First Responders are the first on the scene. They do not know what to expect, how best to respond, what they will experience and how they will cope with the incident. They cannot unsee some things and may require support and inputs to put the incident into perspective.

The focus of this pillar is onsite or offsite comprehensive treatment specific to each first responder’s situation. In some cases, this may include alcohol or substance issues. This treatment might also include the first responder’s loved ones so that the positive effects of the program continue beyond the initial crisis period. 

We are committed to helping those who help us on a daily basis.

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