Our Mission

First Responder Health Foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to First Responders who experience job related mental and behavioral health issues.

It is a national problem affecting one in three of our emergency personnel that includes: law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, EMT’s, dispatchers, corrections officers and other public safety professionals.

Our vision is that through education, treatment and follow-on programs, we can help our First Responders return to their lives, work, and family with skills to handle the ongoing pressures and stresses of their job.

 Your donations go directly to organizations who address the FOUR PILLARS of health and wellness.

Pillar 1

The Preventive Pillar

Training and education is a proactive measure and preventive approach to address the behavioral and mental wellness of First Responders’. It is an effective means to preempt being overwhelmed from job related stress.

Pillar 2

The Treatment Pillar

When the emergencies of everyday life take a toll on First Responders, they will need comprehensive treatment, by a culturally competent team for behavioral and mental disorders. Collective and often haunting trauma requires professional treatment programs specific to First Responders.

Pillar 3

The Support Pillar

Unresolved problems can have a destructive effect on the health and wellness of our First Responders. No one should have to face the emergencies and sometimes tragedies they face day in and day out.

Pillar 4

The Critical Incident Pillar

When traumatic events impact the community, the nation and the world, there are harmful stress reactions that damage work performance, health or family relations. Often the lingering effects can be destructive.

Training and education is a proactive measure


First Responders need comprehensive treatment


Providing access to support and counseling

Critical Incident

Providing Transformative Care to First Responders

We are committed to helping those who help us on a daily basis.

Your donation is very much appreciated! We commit to you that it will be used to achieve our goal to affect positive change in the health and wellness of our First Responders.

Our Supporters


Tony Pighetti Fire Captain (Ret.) | Regional Peer Support Coordinator In the last six years, I went into training and that changed my whole life. And then with that came this behavior health and wellness program. Why don’t we get in front of some of the things that are happening earlier and be more proactive than reactive? Watch Testimonial


Gabe Lira Hawthorne Police Department | Police Officer | Peer Support Peer support is important to me because we have a lot of officers who struggle and don’t know who to talk to and don’t understand how to deal with their struggle. Watch Testimonial


Domino Scott-Jackson Pasadena Police Department | Wellness Sergeant We want our employees to connect with therapists or resources that are going to get them the services they need. The goal is to reduce the stigma that comes with reaching out for help. Watch Testimonial

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